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Local ORT Atlanta Volunteers & Donors posing at the 2011 Annual Meeting, held in Midtown, Atlanta

While ORT America’s National office is based in NYC, the ORT organization is comprised of numerous chapters & regions across the United States.  Chapter life has been an integral part of ORT's history in the United States since 1922.  Individuals have banded together to support the ORT mission by being in a specific geographic area, by gender, by profession, or by specific interests -- creating ORT chapters all over the
country.  While in some regions, local men and women plan events that raise critical funds for the ORT program, there are other areas where individuals of a specific trade (i.e. real estate, jewelry, accountants and bankers, attorneys) have joined together using their mutual interest as a vehicle for learning about ORT and offering a forum to raise funds to support ORT’s mission.  For many of our contributors, Chapters have been an “entrée” to the ORT family, and have also offered a forum for meeting like-minded individuals committed to quality education and Jewish community life.

Here in Atlanta, we are very proud to have combined our many local chapters in order to form one, strong Region that is comprised of over 1,500 members who, together, help us raise over $400,000 each year -- all of which directly benefits World ORT’s worldwide programs.  Each year since its incepetion, a large part of the contributions made towards the Atlanta Region directly fund ORT’s Science Journey (Kadima Mada, in Hebrew), a multi-million dollar program that delivers science and technology education, computer labs and teacher empowerment centers to more than 30 low-performing schools in border areas of Israel never before touched by ORT.  Through Science Journey, which was first launched in 2007, ORT is even able to touch the lives of students who live in areas that are prone to rocket attacks from Gaza.  In cooperation with Israel’s Ministry of Education, ORT’s Science Journey program helps integrate technology in the lives of students who truly need it the most.  It is with these resources that Israeli students are able to have the preparation that they need to use new skills to enter a workforce better able to meet Israel’s high-tech needs.

The Atlanta Region of ORT America is a strong region that is dedicated to the mission of educating students and impacting communities.  Through our many programs and events, our membership strives to create social connections among Atlanta’s Jewish community.  Our connection to each other helps us connect to Jews all over the world.  Many of our members have been ORT supporters for over 20 years!  We also have a “Next Generation” of ORTists ranging in age from 25-45, which is growing quickly and has become an integral part of our region.

There are countless ways to get involved in ORT Atlanta.  Here are just a few: